Village museum
The village museum represents the traditional local architecture and living habits. As we step in, we can feel the taste of the past immediately. The vision of the thick mudwall, the special smokestack or the glazed-tile oven show us how people lived in the 19th Century. In the museum visitors can also see the nicest peaces of embroideries and woodcarvings.
Embroidery and woodcarving
Buzsák is internationally famous for embroidery and wood carving (which is made with a special technique.) The outstanding pieces of both woodcarving and embroidery are to be found in the museum of the village which is an authentic representative of local architecture.
Thermal bath

From March 2013, the thermal bath will open its covered pool, from this moment it will be open all-year long!

3 kms from the village you can find the thermal bath called Csisztafürdõ. The water is coming from the depth of 600 metres and its 42 degrees Celsius highly recommended healing water is good for different illnesses, as for skin problems, gynecological desease, blood pressure problems etc.
János hill
Winetasting in our village is another joyful activity, visiting our thatched-roofed 100 year-old cellar of local wines is not to be missed. What else could be more pleasant than cooking together a huge pot of stew to accompany the wine? There are about 60 wine cellars in János Hill.
White Chapel
The oldest historical monument is the one-aisle, semi-circled White Chapel dated from the Romanesque period. Its environment is within easy reach either by bike or by horse-drawn carriage and ideal for picknicking.